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Weekly Briefing – November 23

Dear Sisters and Brothers, As I've shared so many times over the last nine months, this school year will be one of frequent change and uncertainty. As experts have expected and increasingly been discussing for some time, the transition towards winter has led to an increase in positive COVID cases across the country [...]

Weekly Briefing – November 232020-11-23T12:00:18-05:00

General Updates – November 17

Apply to be the HHHTA Wellness Coordinator At Monday night's meeting, the Executive Board voted to create a new position to help support our members through the unique challenges we all face this year. The HHHTA 'Wellness Coordinator' will be empowered to work with members to share and promote activities, practices, social [...]

General Updates – November 172020-11-20T14:02:15-05:00

Weekly Briefing – November 13

Dear Members, As we prepared for schools to reopen over the summer, no one knew how long the virus would allow us to stay open. Some thought we wouldn't make it to 10/1, which we did. Some thought we wouldn't make it to 11/1, which we did. And that's the way this year's [...]

Weekly Briefing – November 132020-11-14T07:07:53-05:00

Newsday Panel on Reopening Struggles and Stresses for Teachers

Education experts discuss how teachers are managing during the coronavirus pandemic, the effects on their students and workplaces, and how they’re handling these challenges. Click here to watch the panel discussion

Newsday Panel on Reopening Struggles and Stresses for Teachers2020-11-14T15:04:37-05:00

WBAB, WBLI – Plugged Into Long Island

Long Island Teachers Ally Ali talks with Richard Haase, Public Outreach Chair for Long Island Teachers and President of the Half Hollow Hills Teachers Association. Long Island Teachers is a coalition of teachers across the island to speak on issues in our education systems with one voice. Together, they discuss teacher shortages, learning during [...]

WBAB, WBLI – Plugged Into Long Island2020-11-14T14:48:16-05:00

Staff Mental Health and Wellness

Listening to members, reading survey responses, and our own struggles with surviving the challenges of living, working and care-taking in a COVID world constantly point to the need for emotional support. In conversations with members and administration, I am constantly looking for ideas on how we can help. Obviously the most effective way [...]

Staff Mental Health and Wellness2020-11-14T15:19:35-05:00

This is just to say…

This is just to say... ... that the things you do every day are beyond words.  As grateful as parents and students are (and I believe they are) for all that you're doing, I think the deepest understanding and appreciation for the miracles you perform through this crisis will remain a mystery to [...]

This is just to say…2020-10-30T09:12:42-04:00

News12 Panel on Challenges Teaching During the Pandemic

Even though it's still early in the school year, many teachers are exhausted and stressed by the demands of working in the pandemic. This morning, on The New Normal Show, News 12's Elizabeth Hashagen spoke with two educators about the social and emotional toll the coronavirus crisis is taking on teachers and students. They agree [...]

News12 Panel on Challenges Teaching During the Pandemic2020-11-14T14:58:36-05:00

Weekly Briefing – October 23

Dear Members, The lights are still out on Broadway. Tens of millions are still out of work, with unemployment benefits drying up. Countless small business owners have watched their dreams disappear. More than 200,000 Americans have lost their lives, and average daily COVID cases have increased by 50%. At the state level, legislators [...]

Weekly Briefing – October 232020-10-30T09:09:47-04:00

Weekly Briefing – October 9

Dear Members, Well, we've officially made it through the first month of reopening. Before sharing any updates for the week, I want to take a moment to thank you for all of your hard work, your determination, your patience, your creativity, your commitment, and your camaraderie. I know how much of an adjustment [...]

Weekly Briefing – October 92020-10-30T09:04:17-04:00