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Google Expedition Workshop

Google Expeditions enable teachers to take students on virtual trips to places like museums, underwater, and outer space. Expeditions are collections of virtual reality panoramas — 360° panoramas and 3D images — annotated with details, points of interest, and questions that make them easy to integrate into curriculum already used in schools. Google created these [...]

Google Expedition Workshop 2018-04-30T13:27:33+00:00

Brain-Compatible Learning

Learn about brain-compatible learning, memory, and metacognition. Learn how to create brain-compatible lessons and plan your next unit using a brain-compatible model.

Brain-Compatible Learning 2018-04-30T13:25:53+00:00

Effective Testing Strategies

Learn about effective testing strategies. Work on creating various types of graded assignments that account for test testing strategies. Learn about strategies to decrease test anxiety in the classroom.  

Effective Testing Strategies 2018-04-30T13:24:57+00:00

Disrupting Povery

Drawing upon decades of research and myriad authentic classroom experiences, Kathleen M. Budge and William H. Parrett dispel harmful myths, explain the facts, and urge educators to act against the debilitating effects of poverty on their students. They share the powerful voices of teachers— many of whom grew up in poverty—to amplify the five classroom [...]

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Steve Stern Phone Banks, Library Vote, Volleyball, Bus Duty

Help at the Phone Banks 4/12 and 4/19 Although we don't always realize it, having the right people in Albany can have a huge impact on things that matter to us. From school funding, to teacher evaluations, to state testing and union rights, the State Assembly plays a huge role in legislating [...]

Steve Stern Phone Banks, Library Vote, Volleyball, Bus Duty 2018-04-09T14:34:02+00:00

Millennials boosting union membership

Republicans on and off the bench are moving to kill unions. But millennials—the most pro-union generation since the 1930s—may yet find a way to organize. For conservatives, the much-anticipated Supreme Court decision in the Janus v. AFSCME case may be coming eight years too late. If, as expected, the five Republican justices on the Court rule for [...]

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When Professionals Rise Up, More Than Money Is at Stake

When 20,000 West Virginia teachers staged a rare statewide walkout, questions of pay and benefits dominated the headlines. But those concerns could not fully account for the teachers’ ferocious resolve. After all, stagnant wages and receding benefits have been an issue for workers for decades. The missing variable appears to have been anxiety about their [...]

When Professionals Rise Up, More Than Money Is at Stake 2018-04-05T21:19:45+00:00

The Union Advantage for Women

Labor unions deserve credit for many of the workplace policies that Americans now take for granted—a 40-hour work week, a minimum wage, pay for overtime, and protections from health and safety hazards—and the labor movement continues to champion state and local policies such as paid sick days and paid family leave, policies that are beneficial [...]

The Union Advantage for Women 2018-03-24T10:56:15+00:00

Florida Senate says no to ban on assault weapons, yes to arming teachers

All the kids wanted was for the adults to ban assault weapons — which caused such bloody devastation at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland. And most of their teachers wanted to quash the notion of armed educators in Florida schools. But the Florida Senate crushed both those hopes on Saturday, rejecting the weapon ban, and [...]

Florida Senate says no to ban on assault weapons, yes to arming teachers 2018-03-24T10:52:28+00:00