If Long Island Were a State...


  • On Long Island, $1 only gets you about $.63 worth of goods and services. That means that the cost of, well everything, is driven up by more than a third on Long Island. Of course, this makes a school district's operating expenses seem much higher than "the rest of the nation's." (Cuomo forgets to mention that in his TV ads.)  It also means that a "huge salary" of $100,000 (which many of us, obviously, do not make) would be on par with a $63,000 salary in other parts of the US.
  • New York State's taxing practices view Long Island as an area of great wealth, despite the fact that our relative wealth has been decreasing with every year. It basically takes all of the tax revenues from Long Island and redistributes them throughout the entire state. According to some researchers, if they didn't do this, taxes on Long Island could be as much as 70% lower than they are today.
  • If Long Island were a state, we would be ranked #1 in high school completion rate.
  • If Long Island were a state, we would be ranked #1 in Intel Semifinalists.
  • If Long Island were a state, we would be ranked #2 in Siemens Semifinalists.
  • Students earning a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation
  • The 2012 Long Island Index reports that Long Island outperforms the rest of New York State on the College Readiness indicator by 11 percentage points.
  • Newsweek compiled a list of the Best High Schools in America. 19 high schools from New York made the top 100. Nine, or 47% of the NY schools are from Long Island.
  • 21 Long Island high schools rank in the top 300 of America's best schools.
  • The Washington Post ranked the top 1,900 high schools in the United States. The top 7% of 27,000 schools includes 54 Long Island high schools.
  • Nearly half (54 of 116) of the high schools on Long Island are among the top schools identified by The Washington Post.