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Our service to the community does not end June 30th. Each year, teachers spend their summers teaching summer school, writing curriculum, expanding their skill base and contributing to the district and the world. Browse below for some examples of how Half Hollow Hills teachers spend their Summers On...

Melia DiRusso

I aligned math curriculum to common core, revised and aligned social studies curriculum to common core as well. Also, though not official, the amount of time I spent on pinterest this summer looking at ways to incorporate common core into my classroom practices and improve my effectiveness should really be considered PDP! 🙂

Jill Belz

I took two professional development workshops in additional to spending countless hours preparing to teach a new grade level which included studying curriculum guides, updating my eBoard, reading pedagogical books and moving and setting up a new classroom in a new building.

Jennifer Friaglia

I completed course work for six graduate level on-line classes. I also attended professional development regarding the Laptop Program and APPR.

Ericka Verderber Uses Social Media as an Online PLC

I connected with educators and administrators across the nation via twitter and online PLCs. Every minute of every day there was a major consortium - exchanging ideas from how to better educate and ready our 21st century learners, further refining our craft as educators and admin, discussing high stakes testing and the future of education. [...]