HHH’s National Board Certified Teachers were asked to share their certification experience and the impact the experience had in their classrooms. As there are several HHH members who are currently going through the certification process themselves or who are contemplating participating in the future, teachers also shared some advice for those members.

The HHHTA is proud to share these stories with the HHH Community!

1.  What prompted you to go through the process to become a NBCT?

I decided to go through the process of National Board Certification because I was looking for an opportunity to challenge myself as an educator. I knew that this was not going to be an easy task but, it was a commitment that I was willing to make.

2. How did the certification process impact your classroom (ie: increase in parental involvement, improved teaching techniques, becoming more reflective)?

I am grateful that I went through this process with some of the most amazing teachers that I know.  We spent a tremendous amount of time reflecting on our teaching and refining our practice. After hours of planning, writing and completing exams,  I am extremely proud to say that I am part an elite group of National Board Certified Teachers.