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Nadine Cain

Finally got to Washington DC for the first time in my life. Most memorable was the 9-11 Pentagon memorial, Viet Nam War memorial and back in NY, the WTC 9-11 memorial. Made it an educational summer filled with experiences to share with students and staff members and others.

Nadine Cain2017-11-05T17:03:46-05:00

Richard Mugno

I took a course on Jr. Great Books which is a program our district endorses. It will be intertwined within my ELAINE curriculum to enhance my instruction. I also took a course be become more familiar with Smartboards and how they can enrich my students in all curriculum areas.

Richard Mugno2017-11-05T17:03:46-05:00

Michael Elflein

I worked our (HHH) Adapted Physical Education program as well as took PDP's such as CPI training etc..

Michael Elflein2017-11-05T17:03:46-05:00

Sarah Baptiste

Over the summer I took a SMART Board Certification Training course to become a certified SMART teacher. This course provided me with the necessary tools to further integrate technology into my daily lessons. My learned skills will definitely enhance my classroom instruction!!!

Sarah Baptiste2017-11-05T17:03:46-05:00

Geri Sundermier Attends Five-dat STEM Workshop at Amherst

Started the summer with a great five day STEM Digital workshop at UMass Amherst. The focus was on using Advanced Digital Imaging to analyze things such as the amount of arsenic in soil or rice and just about anything that has color. Great application for the science classroom. Also, Namrata Dixit and I were chosen [...]

Geri Sundermier Attends Five-dat STEM Workshop at Amherst2017-11-05T17:03:46-05:00

Christina Drake

I took a district Smart-Board class so I could learn how to use my brand-new board. I also developed Science Rules for Writing in a district class to help support the Common Core. Finally, I helped create two new science preassessments to be used as a baseline for student growth under the new APPR guidelines.

Christina Drake2017-11-05T17:03:46-05:00

Jill Belz

I took two professional development workshops in additional to spending countless hours preparing to teach a new grade level which included studying curriculum guides, updating my eBoard, reading pedagogical books and moving and setting up a new classroom in a new building.

Jill Belz2017-10-26T12:44:37-04:00

Jane Shomberg Volunteers for Suffolk County Program Aimed at Helping Kids

I volunteered this summer for the Pajama Program in Suffolk County. The Pajama Program provides new books and pajamas to children in need. The volunteers go to Head Start programs and give out the books and pajamas and read to the children. The smiles and gratitude from the children are priceless. It puts everything in [...]

Jane Shomberg Volunteers for Suffolk County Program Aimed at Helping Kids2017-10-26T12:44:37-04:00

Melia DiRusso

I aligned math curriculum to common core, revised and aligned social studies curriculum to common core as well. Also, though not official, the amount of time I spent on pinterest this summer looking at ways to incorporate common core into my classroom practices and improve my effectiveness should really be considered PDP! :-)

Melia DiRusso2017-10-26T12:44:37-04:00