Superintendents’ Conference Day 2017 by Sarah Baptiste

//Superintendents’ Conference Day 2017 by Sarah Baptiste

Superintendents’ Conference Day 2017 by Sarah Baptiste

The HHHTA joined many others in the HHH community in the welcoming of all members for the 2017-2018 school year!  The Public Relations/Membership team met over the summer to plan ahead for Superintendent’s Conference Day, which was our team’s first opportunity to make face-to-face contact with our members. We hosted a “Welcome Back” area at HSE where members were able to drop off their annual Long Island Cares pantry donations. Through member generosity, we were able to fill eight large boxes with much needed food, toiletries and school supplies that were delivered to needy communities. Thank you to all of our members for your incredible generosity!

In addition to the pantry donations, members also had the opportunity to view some of our newest HHHTA clothing. Several clothing orders were placed and there is now a Traveling Union Store where samples of items will be in each building for a few days so members can continue to place orders for necessary items.

Along with the clothing samples, the “Welcome Back” area housed prizes we distributed to members for their 2016-2017 union and district involvement. These rewards were given as part of the HHHTA’s Count Me In program to encourage members to attend events such as Family Movie Day, East End Trip and the Winter Social. Rewards included wireless speakers, fitness trackers and USB drives and we had many happy reward recipients!!!

The PR/Membership Team looks forward to a positive year and encourages each of our members to stay engaged and involved by attending/participating in at least one union event this year. This type of participation will help strengthen our union and will also give you the opportunity to connect with other members throughout the district!