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Support for Federal Employees on Long Island

Whitten Sabbatini for The New York Times Today is day 35 of the federal government shutdown. Impacted federal employees have now gone without two paychecks.   There are 26,000 federal employees who live in Suffolk and Nassau.  With numbers like that, it wouldn't be surprising to learn that we have members whose families have been impacted.  Beyond them, we have students, patients, clients and patrons whose families are hurting now too.  Below are some resources for federal employees on Long Island that may be of [...]


National Day of Action to Support Striking LA Teachers, January 14, 2019 In a week, we'll once again celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. So as our sisters and brothers on the west coast gear up for a city-wide strike, I am reminded of something Dr. King once said - something that motivates me every day... "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." We stand with our striking brothers and sisters [...]

Be a “Force for Good’

HHHTA / NYSUT Phone Banks The freeze on APPR is coming to an end. Last year, we had the votes we needed in the State to remove high stakes testing from our evaluation system, but it didn't happen because elected leaders held us and our students hostage in an attempt to get hundreds of millions of dollars for charter schools. Despite this betrayal, some elected leaders have labeled NYSUT and its members as a 'force [...]

It’s Already Starting! | HHHTA

Anti-Union Organizations Targeting School Employees through Work Email We knew this would happen. Anti-union organizations have been waiting for this opportunity for decades. By now, many of you have already seen solicitations from organizations like the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, the Right to Work Foundation and the Freedom Foundation. Emails from Mackinac, in particular, have been hitting school email accounts throughout the state. As I said yesterday... this case had NOTHING to do with [...]

SCOTUS Janus Decision is An Attack On All of US… But We Shall Overcome | HHHTA

Wages stagnate across the country. People struggle to save for retirement and they worry about rising medical and higher education costs. Women and minorities still make less for the same work as their white male counterparts. And workers here have fewer rights and protections than those in any other developed country. Americans know what problems we’re facing, but we’re often steered away from real solutions by a very powerful few. There aren’t many organizations [...]