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Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Light

This month marks the end of eight years serving proudly as president of our great union. In that time, I’ve been graced to work with leaders who have been part of the union movement for decades. Many would say that it’s the hardest it’s ever been. Though I wasn’t personally around to witness [...]

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Light2019-10-05T07:11:16-04:00

2019 HHHTA Supported Resolutions

Every year, HHHTA delegates attend NYSUT's RA to hear from leaders in education, labor and politics. As importantly, while there, we give direction to NYSUT through the democratic process. This year, our union is proud to support a number of Resolutions that have come before our Executive Board. We'll be voting for and [...]

2019 HHHTA Supported Resolutions2019-03-12T15:40:02-04:00

Awesome Prizes for Our Top Phone Bank Callers!

With two more phone banks on the horizon, we're raffling off some awesome prizes for our members who make the most calls! 2 Tickets for A Night with Amy Schumer Comedian and activist Amy Schumer is hosting a comedy fundraiser for Liuba Shirley this Sunday evening at the Westbury Theater. For [...]

Awesome Prizes for Our Top Phone Bank Callers!2018-10-23T10:51:56-04:00

If they try to strike us down… by Richard Haase

Fifty years ago this month, the Half Hollow Hills Teachers’ Association received its charter from the State Education Department. Starting salary was $6,900 and becoming pregnant could cost you your job. Our contract was a fraction of what it is today, and we spent the next several decades organizing our members to improve teaching conditions, [...]

If they try to strike us down… by Richard Haase2018-03-24T07:22:21-04:00

You’ve Got to Have Faith

Most Sunday mornings, I’m wedged between our two boys for mass at Our Lady of the Snow in Blue Point. In the intervals between reminding them how to sit at church and mediating whose turn it is to put money in the collection basket this week, I try to listen to the week’s message. Although [...]

You’ve Got to Have Faith2018-01-14T08:08:07-05:00

A Look at HHH Enrollment Trends

Fifteen to twenty years ago, Half Hollow Hills was dotted with big parcels of undeveloped land. In the late 90s and early 2000s, we saw a population explosion as those parcels were bought up, developed, and brought an influx of students into the district. I believe this increase was sustained a few years beyond its natural [...]

A Look at HHH Enrollment Trends2017-10-21T17:48:11-04:00

What the 2016 Elections Will Mean for Us

The last year has revealed some serious challenges we face as a country. Although the year ahead may present glimmers of both fear and hope, depending on your beliefs, we must take very seriously a number of threats on the political horizon that will directly impact us as public educators and union members. It’s critical [...]

What the 2016 Elections Will Mean for Us2017-08-23T21:10:23-04:00

Verizon’s Struggles Could be Any of Our Struggles

In 1971, a corporate lawyer named Lewis Powell drafted a memo to the Chamber of Commerce. This memo, known as the Powell Memo, or Powell Manifesto,  set forth a blueprint for increasing political and social power of corporations. It has served as a playbook for the last several decades, as companies have followed its advice [...]

Verizon’s Struggles Could be Any of Our Struggles2017-08-23T21:10:43-04:00

The State-Wide Battle Over Waiver Payments

For decades, employees who decline their health insurance have been able, when bargained into a contract, to receive a payment for making that choice. The waiver, which is only a fraction of the value of a policy, itself, saves employers money while offsetting the difference an employee not taking insurance might otherwise find in their [...]

The State-Wide Battle Over Waiver Payments2017-08-23T21:11:07-04:00