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SEPTA Honors Lori Levine

The HHH SEPTA hosted its 2nd Annual Night of The Shining Stars Gala to support its scholarship fund given to IEP and 504 students on April 8th. The HHH Education community was spotlighted and thanked for their impact on ALL of our district’s children.   Steve Muraco and Mrs. Lori Levine were recognized for their  [...]

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Three Great Years of LAP Change the Face of the HHHTA

The HHHTA Local Action Project (LAP) team is experiencing a very active 3 years as a LAP local. LAP is financially supported by NYSUT, which has enabled us to implement many different initiatives. From the very beginning of our team's creation in 2013, we focused on increasing and improving our union's member involvement. We are [...]

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Collaborating on an NEA-Funded ENL Curriculum

Attending the English as a New Language Lesson Writing Grant provided by NYSUT was a truly rewarding and meaningful experience. Meeting teachers, not only in my field of ENL, but across the subject areas who were willing to share their expertise, provided a positive experience for all who attended. Our facilitator Betsy Weinman, an ENL [...]

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Sick Bank is There for Our Members in Need

Our contract entitles us to a sick bank benefit. Our contract states “Unit members who are approved by the governing body for sick bank days shall receive compensation to the same extent as if using their personally accumulated sick days.” In order to serve our members in a fair and equitable manner, we established a [...]

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Explaining our New Vision Care Coverage in the EMM Plan

Beginning on January 1, 2016, our EMM/Vision Care insurer, Shelter Point, changed providers for our optical plan from Davis /Vision Works to NVA.  We notified you of this change in January with an explanation of how to find participating providers in the new plan.  A number of our members have let us know that they [...]

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Growing Your PLN with Twitter

Many view Twitter as just Social Media for kids and don’t realize how useful of a tool it can be. As a teacher, Twitter is an amazing place for finding appropriate professional development and a professional learning network that challenges you, offering support and a great sounding board.  One at-home PDP for educators is called [...]

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A Para’s Perspective

I have been working as a paraprofessional in the Half Hollow Hills School District for nine years.  During this time I have worked in IPC, self-contained, bridge and general education classes at the Elementary and Middle School levels. My family and friends have listened to my stories, some heartbreaking, most funny, and inevitably ask me, [...]

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