To start off our school year on a positive note, members of the HHHTA's Public Relations/Membership team joined forces to welcome our newest and past members to the 2018-2019 school year. As had been done for the past 5 years on Superintendent's Conference Day, the HHHTA hosted its 6th annual pantry drive to support neighborhood communities and families. This year, all food, toiletries and school supplies were donated to the local Long Island Cares group, which is located in Hauppauge. Through the wonderful generosity of our members, we were able to fill 6 large boxes with the donated items! Thank you to all those who donated!

In addition to the pantry donations, members picked up their rewards which acknowledged their participation in union and district events. Our annual Count Me In program was very successful as there were 95+ happy members who received rewards, such as a trunk cargo box and other welcomed items. The PR/Membership team encourages all of our members to participate in as many district and union events as possible so that our union remains strong and vibrant! We look forward to your attendance and your support of various activities as this helps us all to stay connected and feel that we are part of a dynamic union!