Which states pay their experienced teachers the worst?

A new report by the Center for American Progress argues that teachers not only have bad starting pay in many states, but also that teachers are unlikely to see major salary gains even after several years of teaching.

The study by the Washington-based liberal think tank collected information from every state except Hawaii (not enough data) to look at the average teacher's salary in each state 10 years after commencing teaching, what the highest possible salary was, and how many teachers had second jobs.

South Dakota pays its mid-career teachers the worst of any state, the authors found, with an average 10-year salary of just $33,100, and the salary schedule maxes out at the lowest of any state, too, at $43,600. The state's median household income? $49,000. Even adjusting for cost of living, it's low.

via Teacher Pay Starts Low, Grows Slowly, Is Generally Awful, Report Says - Teaching Now - Education Week Teacher.