Whitten Sabbatini for The New York Times

Today is day 35 of the federal government shutdown. Impacted federal employees have now gone without two paychecks.  

There are 26,000 federal employees who live in Suffolk and Nassau.  With numbers like that, it wouldn't be surprising to learn that we have members whose families have been impacted.  Beyond them, we have students, patients, clients and patrons whose families are hurting now too. 

Below are some resources for federal employees on Long Island that may be of some help to any members impacted by the partial government shutdown.  Please share with whomever you can.  While these resources may not address all of a person's needs, they can hopefully help to ensure that someone is not overwhelmed by this crisis.  

Long Island Cares Regional Food Banks:  Federal employees can call 631-582-FOOD to set up individual appointments to receive food, personal care, household supplies, pet food.  Satellite locations in Freeport, Lindenhurst and Huntington Station. https://www.licares.org/press-release/long-island-cares-reaching-assist-federal-government-employees-affected-current-government-shutdown/ 

Community Solidarity Food Banks:  Community Solidarity "rescues" fresh excess produce from local supermarkets and distributes it at "food shares" every week.  The food shares are located in Hempstead, Huntington, Farmingville, Wyandanch and Bedford-Stuyversant.  People are provided a weekly allotment of vegetarian produce and foodstuffs.  Other necessities are also available.  Federal employees can use the following link to register. http://communitysolidarity.org/shutdown 

LI Cares & BRG- Complimentary 3 Course Dinner:  Monsoon Steak and Sushi in Babylon Village is offering federal employees a 3 course meal on January 28th (6:00pm - 8:00pm).  Call 631-587-4400 to make reservation.  Must present federal ID (alcohol not covered)  See flyer below.