Christine Pellegrino for NY State Assembly
Because our kids deserve their fair share

We deserve the best schools for our kids and our fair share of money from Albany.
Christine Pellegrino has led the fight for local control of our schools and against standardization in our schools that simply doesn’t work for our children. She’ll be on our side in Albany, not the corrupt politicians.

Christine Pellegrino for Assembly Website

3 Reasons Why Electing Christine Pellegrino is Important

1)    She’s one of us.  She has taught for 25 years, has been active in her local as a building rep and PAC chair.  When we asked members to step up she did.  She deserves our support.  If we don’t support her now who’ll step up next time and why should they?

2)    We need one of our own in Albany  Having Christine in the Assembly would mean having someone in the room that can advocate from the perspective of a classroom teacher.  The Assembly has been our firewall blocking actions by the Republican Senate and the Governor that would hurt us.  We need to strengthen that firewall.

3)    We need to stop “the crazy”.  We can’t change congress or the white house this week, but here’s a chance to begin pushing back.  This race is being closely watched.  We need to make a statement that progressives can win.  It has to start someplace!

Christine Pellegrino for Assembly Website