Jump Rope for Heart

Jump Rope for Heart

Every year the Sunquam physical education team of Matt Gribbin and Brian Pierce run their annual Jump Rope For Heart fundraiser to help support the American Heart Association. 

Throughout the year, the importance of cardiovascular and overall fitness is taught and encouraged.  During this event, we continue this theme but also highlight the importance of community service. Throughout our event, our students come to understand that as a combined group, they can make a huge difference.  They realize that small actions of many can lead to something special.

Due to this past year's collective effort of the Sunquam community, Sunquam has been recognized as the top fundraising school on Long Island, and we are in the top ten of New York State.

More importantly, the $25,000+ that was raised will be used to potentially save over 500 LIVES!!!  We look forward to helping more children experience a life of activity as well as educating others on the importance of service!