Started the summer with a great five day STEM Digital workshop at UMass Amherst. The focus was on using Advanced Digital Imaging to analyze things such as the amount of arsenic in soil or rice and just about anything that has color. Great application for the science classroom. Also, Namrata Dixit and I were chosen to be Design Fellows at the New York Hall of Science. It was a week long training on bringing Design challenges that require students to apply Math and Science to solving real life problems. Students learn to work together to solve problems creatively, collaborate effectively, think critically, and communicate clearly. They learn about prototypes and perseverence! We started the year with the "Marshmallow Challenge". (...see TED talk if you don't know about this!) Our students will be addressing the issues of water purification and car idling in the next few months. Finally, I was one of two teachers chosen from New York State to attend a Discovery Education workshop in Montana. It was a week long immersion in the latest, greatest technology tools such as QR's, iPads, and so much more. I was able to network and connect with teachers from across the country in learning how to integrate technology into the classroom. Our field trip to Yellowstone National Park was an experience I will definitely be sharing with my students!