On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, it has become a yearly tradition in the Hyland house to attend the HHHTA Family Movie Day Event.  It's exciting to come home from work to tell my two boys, Benjamin (8) and Alexander (almost 7), which movie we get to go see together.  In fact, the first movie my children ever saw in a theater was with the HHHTA! It was Big Hero 6 and everyone loved it.  What a fantastic way to experience the movie theater for the first time.  We created such a special family memory there! This year we joined other HHHTA families to watch Wreck It Ralph 2 - Ralph Breaks the Internet.  In addition to seeing a movie with my family, I got to catch up with friends and colleagues that I have worked with over the years. It's a great time to reminisce, share work stories and also family events and milestones.  It is certainly an event that my family and I look forward to each year.

By Pam Hyland