Email AT&T CEO to Demand They Settle Workers’ Contract

//Email AT&T CEO to Demand They Settle Workers’ Contract

Email AT&T CEO to Demand They Settle Workers’ Contract

from Jobs with Justice--

Telephone and internet giant AT&T rakes in huge profits, earning a record $13 billion last year.

Despite massive gains, AT&T executives want the people who make its wireless business so successful to agree to more outsourcing and pay cuts.

More than 21,000 people who work for AT&T Wireless are ready to do whatever it takes to save family-sustaining jobs and maintain their communities. They may make the tough decision to go on strike. Will you have their backs?

Click here to email AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson and demand that he settle their contract at once, protecting good jobs.

It’s time we hold corporations like this accountable when they work us harder for less money, just to pad their bottom line. AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson made $28.4 million last year, while he cut back the pay and commissions for people who work at AT&T Wireless. We must draw a line in the sand against this blatant corporate greed.

Join us to send a message to the company that customers and the public stand with the men and women of AT&T Wireless. Email CEO Randall Stephenson NOW!

AT&T Wireless customer service agents, technicians, and sales associates know there is too much at stake to sit back and let the company take advantage of them.

Cindi Chesters of Connecticut explains, “I work at an AT&T retail store, but the company wants to keep closing stores and instead send work to third-party dealers where workers make super low-wages and don’t have the union protections we have. Meanwhile, my co-workers at AT&T call centers worry that their jobs will be sent overseas. My kids are the reason why I’m ready to do whatever I have to do to make sure they have a good life.”

Cindi and thousands of her teammates are making huge sacrifices to secure a better future for their children and those who follow. Let’s back them up as they stick their necks out. Write to AT&T and urge them to settle a fair contract today!

Thanks for uniting for good jobs once again,

Jobs With Justice

P.S. If Cindi and her co-workers strike, we'll be back in touch with more information about how you can support them on a picket line near you.