Our Union must, at all times, be a model of the democratic process. Elections and ratifications should always be held in accordance with guidelines established by the Department of Labor, our State and National Affiliates (NYSUT and AFT, respectively), and most importantly, with the policies ratified by the governing bodies of the Half Hollow Hills Teachers’ Association.

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Section 1 – Nominations

a) During the month of March members of the Association in each building may declare candidates for the Executive Board which includes the President, the First Vice President, the Second Vice President, the Secretary, the Treasurer and four (4) Trustees.  All candidates must deliver a letter of intent and written resume to the Committee on Elections at the Teachers’ Association office by the designated date to be determined by the Committee on Elections.  Every two years delegates to the State and National affiliates shall be elected.  If there is a change in the Presidency during a 2-year term, the former president shall no longer remain a delegate and the new president shall become ranking delegate.

b) The Committee on Elections shall publish to the members brief information on each candidate at least one week in advance of the April meeting of the Representative Council.

c) The Committee on Elections shall report its nominations to the Representative Council at the April meeting.  Members of the Association may nominate other candidates from the floor with the support of a petition signed by twenty-five (25) members.  The Committee on Elections shall conduct the election of delegates.

Section 2 – Balloting – In the month of May, on a date to be determined by the Executive Board, members shall vote for the candidates to the Executive Board by secret ballot in accordance with procedures developed by the Committee on Elections.  Said Committee shall report results to the President who shall have them published.  The new Executive Board shall take office immediately upon certification of balloting by the Committee on Elections.  The Executive Board shall determine the dates for all elections.

Section 3 – Election of Delegates – Any member is eligible to run for delegate position to the State and National organizations.  The Election Committee will establish procedures for the election of delegates.  Balloting for the positions of delegates shall be prior to February 1st.

Section 4 – If all positions for the Executive Board, delegates to the state and national conventions or N.Y.S.T.R.S. are un-contested, then the Secretary of the Association shall cast one vote for the entire membership in order to verify the election.

HHHTA Elections and Election Procedures

Building Representatives in each building are responsible for the supervision of the following elections:


What:                        Executive Board Election:

When:                        Held in May every two years (odd numbered years, ex.  1997, 1999,2001,2003,2005,2007,2009)

For Whom:            The Executive Board is made up of nine people holding the following positions:

President                                    Elementary School Trustee

First Vice President                        Middle School Trustee

Second Vice President                        High School Trustee

Treasurer                                    Paraprofessional Trustee


By Whom:            The general membership will vote for one person for each Executive Board position.



What:                        Building Representative Election:

When:                        Held in May every two years (odd numbered years)

For Whom:            Each school in the district will have one Building Representative for every 25 teachers or major fraction thereof.  Where more than one such Representative is elected, one shall be designated the Senior Building Representative by the elected Building Representatives.  In the event that the Building Representatives fail to select a Senior Representative, the representative receiving the highest number of votes shall become the Senior Building Representative.


By Whom:            Teachers will vote within their schools for their Building representatives.

Teachers with “split assignments” will vote where they receive their paychecks.



What:                        Paraprofessional Representative Election: 

When:                        Held in May every two years (odd numbered years )

This election should be held with the Building Representative Election.

For Whom:            Paraprofessionals will have one representative for every 25 paraprofessionals or major fraction thereof.

By Whom:            Paraprofessionals will vote in their schools for their Representatives.


What:                        Paraprofessional Liaison Election

When:            Election of these delegates will be held on the same day as the election for teacher representatives.

For Whom:            In buildings without a paraprofessional elected to the Representative Council, there will be one non-voting paraprofessional liaison elected at such buildings.

By Whom:            Paraprofessionals will vote in their schools for their Paraprofessional Liaison.


What:                        NYS Teachers Retirement System Delegate Election:

When:                        Held every two years (odd numbered years).

For Whom:            One Delegate, with Alternate for 1- 299 members in the district;

Two Delegates, with Alternates for 300 – 499 members in the district;

Three Delegates, with Alternates for 500 – 699 members in the district;

Four Delegates, with Alternates for 700 – 899 members in the district.

By Whom:            Members of the New York State Teachers’ Retirement System.

Administrators as well as teachers may hold this position and are eligible to vote.



HHHTA Elections and Election Procedures, continued…


What:                        NYSUT/AFT Delegate Election:

When:                        Held prior to February 1, every two years (even numbered years ex. 1996, 1998, 2000)

For Whom:            One delegate for every 100 members is elected for a two year term.  The Union President is                                     an automatic delegate and must be stated so on the ballot.

By Whom:            The general membership will vote in this election.


What:                        Site Based Management Election:

(The election/selection procedures for the teacher representatives on this team will be the responsibility of the sitting teacher representatives on that building’s team.)

Excluded from this procedure will be the one teacher representative appointed by the Union President.

When:                        Held prior to the end of each school year.

For Whom:            Half of the teacher representatives will be elected/selected each year for a two year term.

Other than the building principal, no member may serve more than two consecutive terms.

By Whom:            Teachers in each building will vote for their teacher representatives.


General Information:

  • Specific information regarding each election will be forwarded to every school, prior to each election, by the Election Committee Chairperson.
  • Anyone who is running for a position may NOT be involved with the organization or supervision of that election.
  • The Senior Building Representative shall notify, in writing, all members in their building of the location, hours, date and conditions of each upcoming election.  A copy must be sent to the Union President.
  • Check your BALLOT BOX.  It must be locked, official and utilized.
  • During the election hours, the ballot box must be supervised at all times by a Union Representative.
  • Proxies will NOT be accepted.  Members must be present to vote and will vote in the school where they receive their paychecks.
  • Teachers assigned to and who receive their paychecks at Central Office will vote at the Teachers’ Association office.
  • Absentee ballots may be obtained, in person, at the Teachers’ Association office.  They must be picked up at least one day prior to the election and returned to the Teachers’ Association office, in a sealed envelope, signed on the edge of the flap, at least one day prior to the election.
  • The union office must be called as soon as possible if there is a delay or any problem with the election.
  • After an election, the Senior Building Representative (or his/her designee) will bring the locked ballot box to the union office and stay to count the ballots.  Locked ballot boxes will be returned to these members after the ballots are removed and counted.
  • The membership will be notified of the election results after the Election Committee Chairperson certifies those results.
  • Publication of the election winners will be posted withoutvote totals.  However, TA members may call the T.A. office for the total vote count in all elections.


These HHHTA Elections and Election Procedures were passed unanimously by the Half Hollow Hills Teachers Association Representative Council – November 27, 1995 and amended on June 16, 1997 and June 21, 1999.

                                                                                                            Elections Chairperson Nancy Schoen

June 1999