Hills Foundation Grant Winners

Stefanie Deringer – "Buzz In"

March 12, 2014

As an ICT Teacher, I am always looking for strategies to help my special education kids. Last year, I received a Smart Board and have discovered a vast array techniques for infusing technology in the classroom. I have taken lesson plans I have used for many years and converted them

Tara Pinzino and Diane Ihne "We Are Growing Together"

March 10, 2014

The proposal is to help Signal Hill welcome new students into its home. After last year's success with the garden, students developed a deeper understanding for growing living plants and horticulture. However, over the summer, the garden was damaged due to uncontrollable circumstances. The proposal is to build bigger and

Becky Merejo- Virtual Field Trips

March 6, 2014

My Project is for students to take pictures/or videos to create virtual field trips, projects, etc. that aid in the learning of the Hispanic culture and Spanish language. I was awarded a Cannon camera and a green screen. Becky Merejo HS East World Languages

Stefani Nemiroff-Transformations with IdeaPaint

March 4, 2014

My project involved transforming my students workspace using IdeaPaint. IdeaPaint takes any flat surface and transforms it into a dry erase board. I took my student work centers which are kidney tables and painted them using IdeaPaint. The students can create, think, share, and collaborate using the entire table and

Allyson Uttendorfer – Unframed

March 4, 2014

Name of Project: Unframed: The Art of the Photo Booth will unite the school and community through photography. Students will create a collaborative photo installation featuring the students, faculty, and administrators at High School East. Utilizing 21st century skills we are hoping to blur the gap between race and culture

Marianne Mead- Charity Projects

March 4, 2014

The Architecture Club is designing and constructing animal shelters for 2 medium sized dogs. Club members put their architectural skills to use by following plans for a traditional dog house. They constructed the structure using 2×4's, plywood, and roofing shingles. Cedar shake shingles were used to . These shelters will