Reining in Wall Street to Benefit All Americans

August 6, 2016

There has been considerable interest in financial transactions taxes (FTTs) in the United States and other wealthy countries in the years since the financial crisis. An FTT can be a way to both raise a large amount of revenue and also rein in the financial sector. This report examines the

Protecting Workers in a Patchwork Economy

April 14, 2016

Work, once a matter of years of commitment to a single trade, career track, or even one employer, has in recent years undergone a radical transformation. From measuring work in units of decades, all pointed toward an engraved watch at retirement, we have swung far in the other direction, toward

How we tackle retirement insecurity — Medium

November 11, 2015

Retirement insecurity is the new normal in America. And it’s a direct result of the shameful economic imbalance in the United States that is manifest in inadequate, stagnant wages and dwindling assets for the many, and skyrocketing assets for the elite few. When our economy crashed and Americans lost their

China’s 1 Percent vs. America’s 1 Percent – Businessweek

July 29, 2014

A new study by Peking University’s Social Science Research Center pulls back the curtain a bit on China’s überwealthy. The richest 1 percent of Chinese households control more than a third of the country’s wealth, according to the July 26 study. Most of that is tied up in real estate. In 2012,

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