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The teachers’ Bill of Rights is presented in Article 1 of the Teachers’ Contract  to enumerate the generally held privileges of the professional staff as a guide to educational attitudes and practices. This Bill of Rights for teachers as passed by the 1967 N.Y.S.T.A. House of Delegates is as follows:

1. The right to enjoy academic freedom as understood by the profession.

2. The right to exercise professional judgment in the manner of presenting educational material to a class.

3. The right to teach unencumbered by non-professional tasks.

4. The right to teach free from unreasonable interruption.

5. The right to be free from undue coercion from all sources.

6. The right to be free from discrimination due to race, national origin, creed, age, or sex.

7. The right to have recourse in a professional manner from unjust charges or treatment.

8. The right to participate in the formulation of school policy.

9. The right to be supervised only by those qualified to do so by training and experience, and to be evaluated fairly and objectively.

10. The right to participate in all responsible aspects of community life.

11. The right to enjoy a standard of living commensurate with the special responsibilities and services of the profession and to live with dignity in retirement.

12. The right to have responsible leadership that will recognize and implement the above principles.