A person can take 12 weeks of paid leave if they have the sick time. The 12 weeks are counted in terms of weeks, not days.

A person can take the 12 weeks plus the remainder of the year and the following year if requested. They will only be paid for 12 weeks no matter how many sick days they have.

A person can take 12 weeks, and additional weeks, to return at the half year point (The date is on or around February 1st)

A doctor’s note is necessary stating their due date and the last day that they can work. It’s typically a Friday.

When they get a doctor’s note they need to interoffice or fax it with their leave letter.

A letter needs to be submitted to Patrick Harrigan at CO, Heather Neary at the Union office, your supervisor and principal.

Your letter needs to be submitted 6-8 weeks prior to your leave.

Health Insurance, Dental, Excess Major Medical -The person is covered under health insurance and dental (if you have it) for the full 12 weeks. If they come off payroll, they are responsible for their portion of the health insurance and dental. After 12 weeks, they must cover the entire portion of health insurance and dental.

If the person is interested in continuing their dental and excess medical during their leave they must contact the TA office at 499-4240 and they will be sent a bill.  If the TA office is not contacted the dental coverage will be canceled until they return from leave.  As excess major medical is taken out of the first 5 paychecks of the year, your coverage will continue if payment has been made before your leave.  If it has not been taken out, it will be canceled and they will have to re-enroll in November during open enrollment.

Seniority– If a person is on paid leave for 12 weeks or less their seniority does not change. If a person is on unpaid leave, their seniority will be affected. Any FMLA leave that involves being off payroll – even during the 12 weeks – effects seniority.  You cannot accrue seniority if not on payroll – for any reason!