Our Mission

To deliver the best education possible while ensuring members are able to meet the need their personal needs and the needs of their families.


Dear Members,

All of our reopening subcommitttees met throughout this week. After participating in the meetings for each group, I typed up bulleted notes from each, so in lieu of a long email, I'll simply share those minutes and invite you to browse to see what was discussed. Although some of the content from the meetings was repeated as we set the stage for each group, meeting minutes identify some of the important questions and challenges each group will face. 

There are no words for the enormity of what we may have to undertake in the coming weeks. I really want to thank all our committee volunteers and participants for stepping up to be a part of the process. I also want to assure everyone, again, that we'll do everything we can to keep all our members informed and engaged throughout the process.

For now, all my best for a safe and Happy Fourth of July!

In unity,


Click Here for Meeting Minutes