Our Mission

To deliver the best education possible while ensuring members are able to meet the need their personal needs and the needs of their families.


Dear Members,

We want to thank everyone who volunteered to participate in a Reopening Committee. We had more volunteers than we could place, but that doesn't mean there won't be opportunities to contribute and participate!

In addition to the committees identified, there will almost certainly be the need to break out into subgroups, which will create even more opportunities for people to participate. Throughout the work of planning and preparing for reopening, we'll be sure to continue to provide weekly briefings and share updates from each committee with all of you. We'll also aim to utilize surveys and any other tool we can to work through this process together.

The work we're about to undertake is like nothing we've ever done - at least not in the time we'll have to do it. It's going to take trust and cooperation. Between the contributions of our members, the work of our volunteers and the leadership of our Representatives and Executive Board, I am confident we'll be able to not only get through it, but come out stronger on the other side!

Members participating on the first round of committees will be notified under separate email. A list of committee members will be posted in the Coronavirus section of our website (hhhta.com/coronavirus) shortly.

Since today marks the 'official' end to the school year, I'd like to close by saying GOOD RIDDANCE to 2019-20! We've got some work cut out for us this summer, but it is summer... So unplug, get some fresh air and some sun.... recharge your batteries.

Stay safe, and be well,