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We need your help filling the Highlights areas, where we will proudly display the work of our great members. Here are the three things we’re looking for right now.

For each one you submit, you will be entered into a drawing to win either an AppleTV or Kindle Paperwhite (your choice!). We’ll be raffling off one device for each section of these three sections of the site we’re soliciting your work for.

(Click on the links to access the forms and submit your entries!)

(1) Any Awards or Recognitions (including nominations) you’ve received for something related to your teaching. These can include

  1. Hills Foundation Grants,
  2. recognition you’ve received through helping a student who’s been honored,
  3. honors you’ve earned in the field in which you currently teach,
  4. recognition of any work you’ve done or currently do in the service of children or your community, or
  5. anything else we may have missed!

(2) Highlights of work you do over the summer that helps you as a teacher or fits in any of the descriptions outlined above (like helping children, your community, your profession or your academic area).

(3) End of Year Reflections (which will be posted anonymously).

One of the great challenges we face in the public today is how little people understand the intricacy of our work. Having worked in office settings and, through this role, seen first-hand what many people do in 9-to-5 jobs, I truly believe there are few professions as intellectually and emotionally challenging as teaching. Unfortunately the public – even that share of which is supportive – knows very little about how increasingly professionalized teaching has become over the last several decades.

At the end of each year, I write my reflections and as I read them over to myself and think on the care and deliberation that goes into doing my job well, I believe that if we, as professionals, could begin the process of reframing how civilians view our work, it might one day garner some of the respect it does in other parts of the world.


Submit your highlights using the three forms linked above  by December 13th for your chance to win!