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To deliver the best education possible while ensuring members are able to meet the need their personal needs and the needs of their families.


Reopening Subcommittees

OK... this week's email is coming a little early, and I'm gonna focus on one specific topic: Reopening Subcommittees. Although we still await guidance from the State on September, we're moving forward creating and launching subcommittees with the District. Altaris, the group that will be facilitating our work, identified 6 subcommittees to start with: Transportation, Human Resources, Extracurricular, Instruction, Facilities, and Food Services. We'll have members on all but Transportation and Food Services. Some of these committees will likely break off into sub-groups themselves.

Committees need to balance manageability with the need to bring input from stakeholders who offer unique and critical perspectives on their work. The District has identified a number of representatives it needs on each committee, and we have to do the same. As we look through lists of volunteers, we'll aim to have broad representation from our schools, departments and grade levels in all committees. In addition to the committee members already identified, we're looking to fill the following committees according to the goals below.

Please read through and click the button at the bottom if you would like to volunteer. (NOTE: Forms to volunteer are due by 9am on Friday, June 26). Volunteers should assume regular meetings - perhaps weekly or biweekly. They should also be willing to take minutes at these meetings and to work cooperatively with members and the Executive Board throughout the committee's work.

In unity,


Human Resources / Policy / Contact Tracing / Screening / Health Issues Committee

This sub-committee will deal primarily with the topics outlined above. In addition to members of the Executive Board, we're looking for 

  • One nurse from each level

Extra- and Co- Curricular Committee

This sub-committee will tackle topics such as Clubs, Field Trips, Sports, and Musical Groups/Performances. In addition to members of the Executive Board, we're looking for 

  • 1 Orchestra or Band teacher
  • 1 Chorus teacher
  • 1 Varsity coach
  • 1 JV coach
  • 1 Middle School Coach
  • 1 Club advisor / representative for each level

Instruction Committee

This sub-committee will tackle the most challenging and important work of all. It will have to address unique needs of Elementary, Middle and High School programs, as well as Special Education, scheduling, substitutes, and student transitions throughout the school day. It will amost certainly have to be broken into sub-sub groups. In addition to members of the Executive Board, we're looking for 

  • 1-2 Members per level, starting with those from buildings not represented by Executive Board members
  • 1 Special Education teacher per level

*Again, this group will likely be broken into subgroups, at which point, it would likely bring in additional members.

Facilities Committee

This sub-committee will tackle building issues, including cleaning, social distancing, and the unique challenges posed by areas such as common spaces (bathrooms, offices, break rooms, etc.). In addition to members of the Executive Board and the HHHTA Health and Safety Chairperson, we're looking for

  • 1 Health and Safety or Building Representative from each school
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