Our Mission

To deliver the best education possible while ensuring members are able to meet the need their personal needs and the needs of their families.


Dear Members,

I honestly don't even know how to summarize all that's happened since my last email. The number of hours in meetings each week continues to grow. We've received hundreds of pages of guidance in the last few days alone. And some districts are starting to release previews of their plans for September. As always, I won't try to summarize all that in this email. You can read through the minutes from the meetings and guidance documents as you see fit. Instead, I'd like to focus on a handful of really important ideas.

Although many people hoped for a regional model, it seems that reopening plans are going to vary quite a bit from one district to the next. That's going to make September more difficult logistically than it was already going to be. Of the few districts I have some sense of a plan from, every one of them is different when it comes to the days / hours students will be in school. As I've shared from day one, every plan is going to have its strengths and limitations, and there's no perfect version of what school looks like in September. Nothing is set in stone at this moment but conversations in HHH are currently rooted in a "blue group / green group" alternate day model. Whatever we land with, we'll have to be positive, flexible, and professional.

If they haven't already done so, staff in every school district in the coming weeks will have to start preparing to physically return to school in September. On the one hand, that is something to be so incredibly excited (albeit a little nervous) about. And yet despite the true promise of being able to see our students again, members with school-aged kids at home will have to contend with the reality that their own kids may only be in school 2-3 days a week. Which days those are and for how long will vary from district to district. In addition, while we're doing all this planning to create hybrid models all across the state (which by the way, are the hardest models to implement) most people feel strongly that we'll find ourselves in a full distance model again at some point when cases increase. These are realities we all have to start preparing for.

The minutes of all our meetings should offer some insights into what's being discussed, but in the next week or two, those conversations will start to take more concrete form. As they do, we'll continue to do everything we can to put together a program that is good for students and staff, and I'm confident members will show determination, open-mindedness and unity as we support each other through getting back to the work we love.

In unity,


PS- I receive a lot of concerns and questions by text, call and email. With everything going on, I am a little behind on replying to individual outreach. I apologize for the delay, and I will do the best I can to respond to people every chance I get.