National Day of Action to Support Striking LA Teachers, January 14, 2019



In a week, we'll once again celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. So as our sisters and brothers on the west coast gear up for a city-wide strike, I am reminded of something Dr. King once said - something that motivates me every day...


"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."


We stand with our striking brothers and sisters as a show of solidarity - a pledge that we are committed to banding together, using our collective strength to DEMAND JUSTICE.


This Monday, January 14th, we're asking all our HHHTA members to WEAR RED in a show of solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Los Angeles. 


With $2 billion (yes, Billion) in reserves and $600 million syphoned off to charter schools, district leaders in LA continually fail to provide what's needed for their schools: things like full time counselors and nurses, appropriate class sizes, and fair wages for educators. 


Last year's teacher strikes in West Virginia, Arizona and Oklahoma brought national attention and support for public education. This year begins with a similar battle in LA. Red state or blue state. City or suburb. East coast or west. There's no immunity to bad ideas or bad leadership. Only action. 


Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Monday, January 14th, take a stand against injustice. WEAR RED. UNITE. 



Looking for something else you can do to help?


Click here to send a message to LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner right now and urge him to quit stalling and reach an agreement with L.A.’s educators.